Aeropress – Fantastic Method For Coffee Connoisseurs

The AeroPress is one of the latest innovations in the coffee world. Coffee lovers have long searched for a way to quickly make a brew that is flavorful and rich without being bitter or burnt tasting, which is a problem with traditional drip brewers. Espresso machines can be pricey and challenging to master, while the French press creates a good cup of coffee but needs a specific grind and it’s not the fastest method available. The AeroPress takes the best qualities of other coffee making methods and allows home brewers to create a delicious cup of coffee in just 30 seconds of brewing time.

The AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler and is a brewer that consists of two cylindrical tubes. It uses thin paper or metal filters, and is highly portable. Because of its small size, the AeroPress can truly fit just about anywhere one wants to take it. This makes it ideal for campers, those who frequently travel, and anyone with limited kitchen or counter space.

The most impressive feature of the AeroPress is that it produces a cup of coffee with a good flavor in a short amount of time. Air pressure is used to help with flavor extraction, and the use of a fine grind also ensures that enough of the coffee’s oils are infused into the finished cup. Using an AeroPress is fairly simple.

Starting off with fine grounds is essential to get optimal flavor with an AeroPress — go for a grind that’s a bit finer than that used for drip brew coffee. A filter is placed into the bottom of the AeroPress’s larger cylinder, and coffee grounds are added on top. After hot, but not boiling, water is poured over the coffee grounds, the mix is stirred for ten seconds. Lastly, the AeroPress’s plunger is pushed down, which forces air and the water through the grounds to make the resulting coffee drink more flavorful.

Many describe the taste of coffee made with an AeroPress as robust and rich. While you probably won’t get the level of intensity that can be found in a cup of properly made espresso, the coffee made with an AeroPress is significantly more flavorful than that produced by standard drip brew machines. Those who try the AeroPress often find they prefer it over single pod brew machines as well.


The brewing method that is most often compared with the AeroPress is the French press. Not only do French presses look completely different and function differently, they require the use of much more coarsely ground coffee beans. The sediment often found in French press coffee are absent in coffee brewed with an AeroPress because the latter uses a microfilter system.

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